Whether you live, lived, will live, or never planning to live in Europe, you’ve likely heard things about your fellow Europeans.

The magnificent continent is made up with 44 so-called countries.

Although, foreigners likely are only familiar with places like France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the royal United Kingdom… and a couple more if they’re geography enthusiasts.

Seriously, I encourage you to watch those videos where foreigners are challenged to name as many counties in Europe as they can… it’s utterly embarrassing! I can’t believe nobody knows where Andorra is!!! Or North Macedonia? What about Latvia?

Not blaming anyone… but it is a teeny tiny bit disappointing.

I myself, am sandwiched between the much more popular neighbours: France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.

You guessed it, or didn’t! … I live in the chocolate and watch-obsessed country, Switzerland!!!

Me and my neighbours, we may seem like a bunch of rich douches.

But I assure you, my fellow Frenchies have hearts and are not as arrogant as we may consider them. German people are not solely addicted to making Volkswagen cars, and actually do have emotions! The Italians still love their pizza and pasta though.

Dear reader, I am fully aware that you are probably wondering: why am I reading this, and why must I continue on?

Well, dear reader, my answer is, for fun!

My goal here is to give you my valuable knowledge and wisdom about Europe. Indeed, I’ll surely share my experiences in my beloved, wonderful continent!

Hopefully, you’ll stick around, here at Cleanslate .

Ask from some pizza from the Italians while you’re at it, it is beautifully delectable!

Im Alena, your friendly European:)

Big thanks for reading my first entry!