Have you ever procrastinated ? I'll do it tomorrow.

I’ll do it tomorrow.
Have you ever procrastinated? Honestly, there’s no doubt that everyone has. If you look around your workspace, or classroom, you will certainly see at least a couple droopy, lifeless, exhausted faces. Their body begging them for a good nights rest after the load of work they went through in the middle of the night!

I have an interview to prepare for, a bunch of documents to fill out, hours worth of answering emails left, two full-length essays to write, and… The list goes on infinitely.
What kind of schedule does your head structure and create for the evening?
The answer is simple: “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

And then TOMORROW, we experience a wave of regret, because apparently we did nothing YESTERDAY, when we had all required time.
Do not dare to deny these sheer facts.

And what is the result of procrastinating? Sleep deprivation, stress, more work, and… I’ll leave the rest up to you.

If you are one of those people who really struggles with procrastination, I have the most ridiculous solutions
for you! There are several fantastic, worthwhile programmes and apps that may be downloaded to help block out distractions.
There’s an app that commences taking money off your bank account if you enter social media while supposedly working. There’s an eco-friendly one, which allows you to grow virtual trees when focused and concentrated. Unfortunately, if you leave the app, the tree wilts and dies, and so does your motivation.

And I promise you, this is not any sort of advertisement, I simply consider it amusing to see what humanity has come up with to deal with our wandering, unmotivated minds.

The most hardcore, absurd example of a procrastination treatment I know, is without question, an app called “Self-Control”.
If you really lack control and self-management, I still do not recommend it, due to its intensity …
At first, you download it like any regular app. Then, you proceed to set limits on how much time you can spend on the internet, and on your social media.
An acquaintance of mine set these limits for an entire year, as he was in the middle of university. His internet was inaccessible almost all the time! When he was fed up with the app, he decided to delete it. Logically, all those blockages should go away, right?
Wrong, the app still operates whether deleted or not! My poor acquaintance couldn’t go on Google for an entire year! How irritating would it be to get rid of an app, without getting rid of the limits that were set! A whole YEAR without any access to Google!
I think the skull on the cover of the app already serves as a warning …

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