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SUPERB!!! ALSO YOU HAVE THE BEST USER NAME SO FAR!!! :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:

Thank you :slight_smile:
Also, I really appreciate what you’re doing here;
I was thinking, could I suggest you expand to cover the NSAA for natsci at Cambridge? I am a NatSci offer holder and the resources for it are quite poor

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I shall certainly do that!! May need some assistance re. the marking haha - DM me

Also a NatSci offer holder and I second this ^^^

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Give the people what they want! Biology_B2