What's Mathematics anyway?


                       By Layan Assaf 

  1. What’s Mathematics ? X’s and y’s ? Numbers? Shapes? Theories? Maybe graphs and lines? Inches and centimetres ? Well, Mostly, its known as numbers and equations, its partially true. But its much more than that. Maths is actually the base of scientific studies like physics, chemistry and Astrology. Also, its essential in other fields including engineering, technology, medicine and finance. It’s widely used in our daily routines, like calculating the 4% deducted from your salary, or measuring the height of your room to know how many inches the curtains should be, or even counting how many more followers you need to hit the 100,000 follower!

  2. **In fact, its the study of several things that include numbers, integers, variables and sometimes patterns usually using equations to have correct results. It includes main topics that are popular nowadays such as algebra, geometry, statics and number theories . Maths explore theories and rules to solve previously impossible problems. It used letters as signs of variables ( an unknown number) to make complicated equations then applied some rules to solve them correctly. Also, it came up with angles then polygons (shapes with all lines attached and no curves ) and gave them different interior and exterior angles measurements, and added areas, perimeters, volume and surface area to help us build our houses correctly and construct modern buildings. Another branch widely used and is considered partly as physics is Statics which is the feild of dealing with data collection and analysis, basically it simplifies data and explains it, its required in agriculture , computer science, chemistry and more. Number theories is math of integers, known as the purest branch of maths and is required in technology devoted studies. **

No doubt there are other feilds of math I haven’t explored, mathematics is extensive and expendable. Having the deep knowledge of all those feilds is impossibe and if possible it’d be amazing. As a math nerd and lover I’d love to learn this spacious subject even more. Quoting the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss “the Queen of the Sciences” referring to this tremendous subject. In conclusion, mathematics is the base of teaching and learning. Life is impossibly difficult without its theories and rules. For example the “the shortest distance from a place to another is a straight line” theory has saved alot of time and energy. Our buildings wouldn’t have been beautifully and creatively built. Our technology wouldn’t have existed. And finally our stress caused by maths exams would dissappear resulting in more peaceful happy lives, lol.


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